Garden Consultation

Whilst there is plenty of information available on this website to help you make decisions regarding trees for your garden, we do appreciate that sometimes people would like to some additional, bespoke help and advice regarding their specific projects.

The Barcham Trees team are available from Monday Friday, 9.00am – 5.30pm to provide you with advice on the telephone, via chat or Email:  We can offer very specific and informative advice to you having received images of the area via email and also your vision for the area.  i.e. what is the main focus; screening, colour etc?

Further to providing you with complementary advice about your site via the telephone and email, we also offer a paid Garden Consultation service, whereby we will actually visit your site in person and make recommendations to you further to this.  Garden Consultation must be paid for in advance of the visit and the cost of this visit will then be offset against any resulting future tree orders with Barcham Trees.  Please contact the Barcham Trees team to organise a Garden Consultation/site visit.